1963 – Abstract and Mod

Abstract print sweater by Joan Marie for Weber Knits

We continue our look at sweaters with this early 1960’s ad. The model is adorned with a head scarf, heavy earrings, and a fabulous geometric print sweater. Note the differences from the modern fifties looks seen a few years earlier. Gone are the bright lips and pointy bras.

Dupont Ad showing Abstract Sweater by Joan Marie for Weber Knit – Good Housekeeping October 1963

The look is brought to us by DuPont who is advertising Orlon. Dupont was a leader in manmade fibers used by the garment industry and they advertised frequently in mid-century women’s magazines. They made nylon for lightweight clothing, Dacron for woven garments, and Orlon for knit garments like the sweater advertised here.

Their goal was to present their manmade fiber as a reasonable alternative to natural wool. Here they present a high fashion look designed by Joan Marie and manufactured by Weber Knit. They point out that the sweater can be purchased at fine stores like Joseph Magnin and Neiman Marcus. It sold for $12 in 1963.

Seeing is believing – so see the fashion surprises of Orlon acrylic today in boutiques and wherever better sweaters live.

Dupont Logo – Good Housekeeping October 1963

More Information

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