1964 – Sweaters

Bundle up in these sweaters from the sixties

Scarlet and Beige Bulky Sweater by Dalton – McCalls September 1964

Brrr. It’s cold here in California on the first day of 2023. There is no better way to stay warm than to bundle up in a great sweater. Here are 4 sweater looks from the mid-century. Specifically, the styles you see are from the September 1964 issue of McCalls magazine. We’ll explore more from this sixties issue tomorrow and spend the week looking at mid-century sweaters.

First up is my favorite. The two-tone bulky turtleneck you see above was made by Kingstone and sold for $33.

The model below is wearing a cashmere cardigan and cowled sleeveless pullover with her tweed skirt. All are made by Dalton. The 3 piece outfit cost about $85 in 1964.

Cashmere Cardigan and Cowled Sleeveless Pullover – McCalls September 1964

This Jacquard sweater with an extra-long turtleneck collar was made with heavy-gauge wool. It comes from Marianne Ohm and sold for $23.

Jacquard sweater by Marianne Ohm – McCalls September 1964

Last is this color-blocked bulls eye acrylic sweater in black and white from Studio Knits. It sold for $45.

Black and white sweater by Studio Knits – McCalls September 1964

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