1957 – Charm Bracelet and Banlon Sweater

Mid-century sweater in sapphire blue.

I love that the model in this ad for Banlon sweaters is fully fifties with her sweater girl sweater, pointy bra, bright lips, painted brows, and charm bracelet. She comes to us from the September 1957 edition of Mademoiselle magazine in an ad for Banlon sweaters.

Banlon sweater Ad – Mademoiselle September 1957

Three-quarter sleeve slip-on by Shelley has accordion knitted yoke, Johnny collar, button trim. Comes in white, black, pink, blue, beige, sapphire, emerald, red, and walnut. $8.

Here Banlon has partnered with sweater maker Shelly to show off the sweater and promote the man made fiber called Banlon.

Banlon was a trademarked synthetic fiber that was developed earlier in the decade. Fibers that we know today simply as polyester were advertised in mid-century magazines under names such as Chemstrand, Orlon, and Banlon.

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