1960 – Bright and Bulky Sweaters

Wear a vibrant color and don't forget a scarf

If you want inspiration for a vintage 1960’s winter outfit, you’ve come to the right place. Each day this week I have highlighted a different sweater look that came from the pages of mid-century women’s magazines.

Today we see vibrant colors and mixed prints from the July 1960 edition of Glamour magazine. Their message to readers was to wear bulky sweaters in bright colors and add a silk scarf for extra interest. The women above on the left is wearing a shock red cross over brushy mohair sweater and wool plaid pants by CoCo sportswear. The sweater sold for $23 in 1960. The pants? $13. The violet outfit on the right came from Jantzen. Here’s how they described the sweater.

a 1960 version of the turtle-neck sweater (note scarf tie) in sharp violet mohair/nylon cable knit. $20

Knock-out sweaters article – Glamour July 1960

The article showed 3 more stylish sweater looks that combined texture with color.

Above: Loopy-stitched sweatering in gold mohair/ worsted, for warmth plus airiness. $20 Gold knitted wool pants $17 Both by Catalina. Lugene sunglasses. Silk print scarf from India by Far Eastern Fabrics.

Left: Loopy mohair/wool sweater with beige, grey and green triple spaced stripes worn over palest beige leather pants. Sweater by Old Colony. $18. Pants were from Samuel Roberts and sold for $70.

Right: V-necked sweater, shock-striped in green, pale gold. By Fairfield in mohair, wool, nylon. $16.

More Sweaters from the Sixties

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