1964 – Sweaters Part 3

3 more looks from McCall's 1964 magazine issue

McCalls Cover – September 1964

Sweaters was the theme for the September 1964 issue of McCalls magazine. They highlighted an assortment of new looks in fun colors and textures. Some were classics. Others were trendy.

I’ve shared most of the looks shown in the issue in the 2 previous posts: Sweaters and the Sweaters Part 2 . Here are 3 more.

The model below with a quirky smile is wearing a long hunter green sweater with oversize collar and cuffs from Geist and Geist. It came with a matching knit watch hat and cost $30.

Green sweater with oversized collar and cuffs – McCall’s September 1964

Shown below is a fisherman’s sweater handknit in foamy off-white wool imported from Italy for Colebrook. $15.

Handknit fisherman sweater – McCall’s September 1964

This embellished pullover in white-shaker knit has colorful embroidered flowers. From Phil Rose. $25

Embellished sweater – McCall’s September 1964

Fashion articles typically included a list of stores where the featured looks could be purchased. Here they list fine department stores throughout the USA. It is always interesting to look at the list to see how many of the stores are still in business.

List of fine department stores where sweaters can be purchased – McCall’s September 1964

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