1960 – Coby Whitmore Illustration

Christmas-themed illustration for McCalls short story

We’ve reached the middle of December. So far, a variety of clever Christmas-themed images from mid-century women’s magazines have been featured. We’ve seen celebrity Christmas trees, a hungry snowman, a girdle-wearing reindeer, and a charming post office.

Besides ad agencies and article writers, there was another group of talented folks that contributed to mid-century women’s magazines. Independent fiction writers and illustrators also contributed. Each magazine would typically feature about 3 illustrated short stories in each issue. For the next several days, I will feature a Christmas-themed illustration from a mid-century women’s magazine short story.

First up is this illustration from Coby Whitmore for a short story written by Irene Kampen. The story titled, “Greetings from A Bledsoe Smith” was published in the December 1960 issue of McCalls magazine.

Here’s a look at the table of contents for the issue.

You’ll see more illustrations from this issue in the coming days. Meanwhile, here are a few more illustrations by this wonderful illustrator.

More Coby Whitmore Illustrations on

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