1959 – Tupperware for Christmas

A mid-century trip to the post office

This charming mid-century illustration showing stylish women at the front of the post office line comes to us from the November 1959 edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. The Christmas-themed ad is for Tupperware.

Make Christmas shopping a party . . . a Tupperware party . . . in your home!

It’s so light . . . it must be Tupperware

By 1959, Tupperware was becoming mainstream for mid-century households. The company began its home parties earlier in the decade. Its unique business model cut out the middleman by selling it directly to consumers through Tupperware parties.

Sold only on the popular home party plan by your local Tupperware dealer.

Tupperware Christmas Ad – Cosmo November 1959

Check out this previous posting on MidCenturyPage.com for more Tupperware ads and more on the company’s history.

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