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2022 Mid-Century Moms in May

To celebrate moms this month, here's a great illustration by Coby Whitmore.

May 2022 – A Month of Moms on 1959 – Illustration by Coby Whitmore.

This month we are celebrating mothers. Specifically, mothers featured in ads, articles, or short stories from mid-century woman’s magazines. Each day in May the daily posting will feature the topic of motherhood.

First up, here is an illustration by Coby Whitmore capturing a beautiful moment between a mom and her newborn infant. The illustration was part of a story serial from Ladies Home Journal in 1959. The image you see is from the August edition. It was the conclusion of a multi-issue serial.

The Queen’s Grace by Jan Westcott – Ladies Home Journal August 1959

The story, titled Queens Grace was written by Jan Westcott. The complete novel was published a year later in 1960 by Crown Publishers. Westcott’s work of historical fiction was about Katryn Parr, King Henry VIII’s last wife. A quick Google search revealed details about both the biographical novel as well as the subject, Katryn Parr. I am using the spelling of her name as Katryn because that is how Jan Westcott spelled it. However, the official spelling appears to be Catherine.

Since I have only the last of the serial, I have not yet read the story. According to reviews found on, it received high ratings. I even found a review from someone who remembers reading each of the serial installments with her aunt when it was first published in the Ladies Home Journal. I do admit that as someone who enjoys mid-century magazines, I also enjoy the discovery that comes with writing these daily postings. Learning about someone who recalls reading the magazine as a child is thrilling to me.

Ladies Home Journal – August 1959 – Cover and Table of Contents

Ladies Home Journal had a variety of articles and short stories published in their issues. Of course, the readers were likely busy mothers who had similar joys and challenges in life as we have today. I always find it interesting to see what the publishers provided to its readers in an age when television was in its infancy and magazines and newspapers were the only means to share information.

Ladies Home Journal August 1959 Table of Contents

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