1959 – Reindeer in Lace

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen

It’s December 1959. Your ad agency is tasked with promoting the new line of holiday-themed bras and girdles from Formfit. How to you play it? Add reindeer antlers to your sketch showing the Formfit girl wearing a strapless bra and lacy girdle and name her Vixen!.

This fun ad appeared in the December 1959 issue of Ladies Home Journal. Holiday colors included snowflake white, ivory rose, Christmas belle, black, and holly-berry red. The strapless bra sold for $5.95. The girdle sold for $7.50.

Be a Dasher, A Dancer, a Prancer, a Vixen

Vintage Christmas on – Formfit ad – Ladies Home Journal December 1959

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