Glamorous Woman by Coby Whitmore

1951 Coby Whitmore Illustration

Stunning 2 page illustration by Coby Whitmore from 1951.

It’s not hard to understand why illustrator Coby Whitmore was a bit of a celebrity in the 1950’s. He had an amazing gift for capturing a woman’s essence as you can see by this 1951 illustration for McCalls magazine. The illustration of the man in the background is equally as striking.

1951 Coby Whitmore Illustration
1951 Illustration by Coby Whitmore for The Breaking Point 2 Page Spread

This illustration accompanied a 9 page short story titled “The Breaking Point” written by Josephine Bentham. Mid-century women’s magazines generally published 2-3 short stories per issue.  Most featured full color illustrations as they provided a bit of quick entertainment for the hardworking homemakers of the era.

Illustration appeared in the August 1951 issue of McCalls Magazine.

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