1957 – Catalina Sweaters

6 mid-century classic sweaters

Catalina was better known for its line of swimwear in the mid-century, but they also manufactured sweaters. They published a 2 page ad in the September 1957 edition of Mademoiselle magazine showing 6 different sweaters. The ribbed crewneck sweater shown above was called the “Record Breaker”. It was made with lambs wool and alpaca and sold for $12.

The collared slip-on below with the push-up sleeves was called “Stripe Happy” Lamora and sold for $13.

The bulky cardigan with a heavy ribbed collar shown below was called “The Socialite” and sold for $15

The color blocked short sleeve below with pearl buttons and a tunnel neck sold for $6.

The patterned Jacquard button up on the left below took inspiration from Scandinavia for its print. It sold for $18. The button up on the right was called the “Jr Executive”. It was made with a blend of lambs wool and nylon and sold for $13.

Match your mood in Catalina sweaters

2 Page Catalina Sweater Ad – Mademoiselle September 1957

The small print at the bottom of the ad gives the following address and parent company information about Catalina. A quick internet search revealed that Julius Kayser & Co bought Catalina sportswear in 1950.

Catalina, Inc Dept FS-6 Los Angeles 13
Creators of fine Swimwear, Sweaters and Play Abouts.
a division of Julius Kayser & Co.

Catalina swimwear was one of the oldest clothing manufactures in California. It is credited with founding the Miss USA and Miss Universe competitions. Catalina swimwear and sweaters are still around and can be purchased in stores and online.

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