1959 – Jane Fonda and Fashion Sweaters

Jane Fonda and other mid-century personalities show off their favorite sweater looks

Yesterday I posted highlights from a Glamour magazine article from their July 1960 edition that showed readers sweater looks for the upcoming fall season. Today, we visit a July Glamour article published a year earlier in their July 1959 issue with the same topic. Here they choose New York personalities to model the year’s sweater looks. Most of the models used are not known to us in the 21st century except for one. Jane Fonda. Daughter of actor Henry Fonda, she was a model, actress, controversial activist, and fitness guru. In 1959, Glamour described her as a 21 year old model who loved to wear baggy boy-style sweaters. Here she is modeling a fur-blend pullover by Talbott which sold for $11.

Here are more looks from the article.

Danielle Loder wears Wool pullover by Jantzen with Bermuda shorts. Sweater $17. Shorts $8.
Francine Gray – Wool Shell-stitched pullover by Olympic $11
Book Publisher Sydney Canfield wears striped fur-blend sweater set in grey and white by Lampl. $35
Jimmie Booth (buyer for Lord & Taylor) wearing a cashmere cardigan by Bernhard Altman $22
Broadway star Diana Hyland Purple models Cashmere pullover by Hadley $23
Ballerina Allegra Kent – Navy blue wool pullover cut like a t-shirt by Geist & Geist. $12
Fashion Sweater Article – Glamour July 1959

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