1957 – Sweater by Talbott Knitting Company

A quintessential 1950's sweater and where she bought it.

We continue our education on mid-century sweaters with this ribbed collar 3/4 sleeve fashion sweater made by Talbott Knitting Company. It comes from the September 1957 issue of Mademoiselle magazine. Like yesterday’s post, it is knitted with Banlon, a washable yarn with a soft touch. It is the quintessential look of a mid-century sweater.

In timbertan, a deep beige, and other sparkling couturier shades. $9

Talbott Knitting Mills Ad – Full Fashioned Sweaters – Mademoiselle September 1957

Mademoiselle readers were interested in fashion and likely loved to shop. Reading the smaller print at the bottom of the ad provided more information about how to buy this sweater. Here’s the list of department stores that sold the sweater.

Martin’s, Brooklyn
Hutzler’s, Baltimore
Higbee Company, Cleveland
Schuneman’s Saint Paul
B. Forman, Rochester

If you are reading this , you are likely nostalgic about all subjects mid-century and there is nothing more mid-century than a department store. Here’s a peek at the stores listed. They are all in department store heaven now. None of them survived (source:

Mid century department stores listed in ad

I will feature more sweaters from 1957 in the coming days. Meanwhile, here are 2 more.

1957 Sweaters

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