1960 – Trim Every Limb

Ho Ho Mistle-toes

“Trim Every Limb” was the tagline for this clever mid-century ad. You might wonder what it is advertising. If you guessed hosiery, you would be partially right. The image appeared in the December 1960 edition of McCalls magazine. The advertiser was not a hosiery company like Hanes. Instead, it is from DuPont. DuPont, of course supplied nylon that was used to make hosiery for companies like Hanes.

Trim Every Limb with Stockings, stockings, stockings tinted! textured! sparkling!

Note the small text.

DuPont makes fibers, does not make hosiery shown here.

DuPont Nylon ad – McCalls December 1960

DuPont was a typical advertiser in mid-century women’s magazines. Here are a few more ads from DuPont on

Vintage Christmas on

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