1963 – Hanes

Mid-century advertising from Hanes

Today for our American Brands feature, we will look at the Hanes company. Hanes began as a knitting mill in North Carolina in the early 20th century. It grew to produce underwear, casualwear, hosiery and socks which it still produces today.

I found several advertisements in mid-century women’s magazines for Hanes products. In addition to ads, Hanes was referenced in fashion articles such as this one from the May 1963 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine showing the latest dress styles.

Summer Dress Fashion Article – Good Housekeeping May 1963

Hosiery was an important part of the mid-century woman’s wardrobe. Here’s another example where Hanes got free advertising by supplying the stockings used in this article from Mademoiselle magazine September 1957.

Mademoiselle shoe article featuring Hanes Hosiery – September 1957

The stockings, a shade to reflect the shoe. Hanes seamless in the red-washed Firelight. $1.50

Hanes Seamless Stockings Ad – Glamour Magazine March 1956

Here’s an ad for Hanes showing fashionable legs and shoes. No seams in the stockings. The price? $1.25 to $1.95. A similar pair of hose is sold today for just under $10.00.

Hanes also advertised its baby clothing line in the mid-century. Here are two examples.

Hanes babywear – Good Housekeeping May 1959
Hanes sleepwear for toddlers – Good Housekeeping April 1963

Hanes – From Cradle to College

The mid-century price is around $2.25. A similar product sells today for around $20 for a package of 3.

Hanes Toddler Sleepwear – Amazon 2022

Here’s a look at the logos.

Hanes hosiery logo March 1956
Hanes Hosiery Package July 2022
Logo from Hanes Babywear ad – 1959
Hanes babywear current logo

More Hanes Ads on


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