1959 Rainy Day Fibers

A mid-summer raincoat inspired by weather, fashion, and chemistry.

1959 Dupont ad featuring a polyester cotton raincoat

This ad from Du Pont advertising Dacron polyester was published in the July 1959 edition of Glamour magazine. Dacron ads were not uncommon in mid-century women’s magazines. The goal was to introduce the concept of polyester to the reader who was likely still not comfortable with the idea of manmade fibers. The fine print on this ad reads, “Du Pont makes fibers, does not make the fabric or raincoat shown here”. Here, the fibers were a 50% combination of cotton and polyester for the Duchess Royal brand. The raincoat was available at fine stores for $40.00.

The timing of the ad seems a bit strange to me since it was published in mid-summer instead of fall. Perhaps the idea of rain in the heat of summer was welcome to a mid-century world where air conditioning was not yet mainstream.

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