1954 – Mara Lane Swimsuit Cover Girl

A look at Mara Lane and Holiday magazine.

Mara Lane in candy striped swimsuit for Holiday Magazine

Today is the last day of June 2022 and the last day of‘s summer theme postings. This month several ads from the June 1954 edition of Holiday magazine were featured. Holiday was an example of an upscale mid-century magazine. This oversized magazine included a variety of articles for upper-income vacationers traveling within the US and throughout the world.

The cover of this edition featured a model laying in the sun wearing a strapless red and white striped suit. Reading the description of the cover, we learn that she is Mara Lane, who is described as an international sex symbol and the overseas version of Marilyn Monroe. Here’s what they said about her.

The tasty dish in candy stripes on our cover is Mara Lane, the British equivalent of Marilyn Monroe who makes her American movie debut in RKO’s Susan Slept Here.

Based on this description, I expected to learn more about her, but I found almost nothing about her life or her career. I was able to find her as part of the cast of Susan Slept Here and an assortment of other movies. I am happy to report that the now 91 year old is still alive.

Holiday Magazine Mara Lane on Cover – June 1954

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Mara Lane on IMDB

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