1954 – Ansco Color Film

Makeup guru Helena Rubinstein recommends Ansco for the best color.

This ad for Ansco film from the June 1954 edition of Traveler magazine reminds us of the significant changes to photography since the mid-century. Looking through scrapbooks of family photos during this timeframe, I only see black and white photos. It isn’t until the next decade that I start to see color photos. This tells me that this ad is targeted to professionals or serious hobbyists.

That’s why men and women who know their color–artists, designers and color specialists–choose Ansco Color Film for their personal pictures. More pleasing, more results, Softer, more life-like quality

Ansco Color Film Ad – Holiday Magazine June 1954

The Ansco Wikipedia entry gives a bit of insight into the company. It is a story seen all too often in American business where a company like Kodak smashes the little guy who has a higher quality product.

Ansco Color Slide – Holiday Magazine June 1954

Funny how things change. A friend of mine who is an accomplished photographer and avid traveler told me recently that he no longer uses his fancy SLR camera. His current camera of choice is his Smartphone.

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