1954 – Union Pacific Pub Car

The Chicago and Denver route just got a bit more exciting.

Hop aboard the Steamliner #111 from Chicago to Denver to go back in time to 1954. Once there, make your way to the Pub car where you can order a drink and chat with your fellow passengers.

A distinctive new club car “The Pub” is an invitation to relaxation on the Steamliner “City of Denver” providing overnight every night service between Chicago and Denver for Pullman and Coach passengers.

Union Pacicic Railroad Ad – Pub Car – Holiday Magazine June 1954

This Union Pacific ad appeared with an assortment of other travel ads in the June 1954 edition of Holiday magazine. It is the only train ad in the magazine and the only one in my collection. Traveling by train or course was a good option for mid-century folks going between the 2 popular cities of Chicago and Denver. According to Wikipedia the Union Pacific route from Chicago to Denver took 17 hours in 1954. The same route today takes 18 1/2 hours on Amtrak, 2 1/2 hours by plane, and 14 1/2 hours by car.

Union Pacific retired its “City of Denver” train in 1971 due to stiff competition and a decline in ridership.

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