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1954 – Willsonite Sun Glasses

Say hello to summer with a new pair of shades.

Today we say farewell to our series on mid-century moms. We showed 31 ads, articles, or illustrations for years ranging from 1946 to 1964 featuring moms. Mothers were important to those baby boom years and it was a pleasure giving this collective group of women some attention.

Now that it is June, we’ll change the subject to the topic of summer. Before we do, I want to give myself an atta girl. I started the year with the goal of posting something to this blog every day of the year. I’ve managed to keep it up for 5 months now. It has been a fun challenge. Fingers crossed that I will keep it up.

Here’s an ad from the June 1954 edition of Holiday magazine for Willsonite Sunglasses showing the oh-so-clever twirling sunglass display fixture. Who can say no to this retail masterpiece that is still tempting shoppers to stop and try on?

Willsonite Sunglasses Ad – Holiday Magazine June 1954

More people in more places buy more Willsonite Sun Glasses than any other kind in the world.

I wasn’t able to find information about the history or fate of the Willsonite Sunglass brand other than a few other vintage ads, and this eBay posting for a vintage pair of broken Willsonite sunglasses on sale for $125.

Willsonite Sunglasses on Sale on eBay

Holiday magazine is not technically a woman’s magazine, but it does have some great mid-century ads and articles that would certainly be of interest to her. You’ll see more from this magazine throughout the month.

Holiday Magazine – June 1954

Here’s a peek at the cover of the magazine. Stay tuned for a closer look at the Holiday magazine brand and this cover in a future post.

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