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1954 – Motorola Portables

Colorful technology from the mid-century.

In 1954, Motorola was a top player in radio technology. They had already developed a series of battery-operated radios that they called portables. This ad from the June 1954 edition of Holiday magazine showed a few of their products. Pictured above is the Escort ($29.95), the Porta-clock ($44.95), the Paramount ($49.95), and the Porta-Play ($34.95). Their newest and sexiest portable was called the Runabout. Selling for $37.95, it was smaller and came in a variety of colors.

The product was marketed to summer vacationers.

On trips, they go tunefully and proudly along to the smartest vacation spots! Here’s the perfect gift for graduation and for those newlyweds. See these new portable radios . . . hear them . . . at your dealer today.

Motorola Portables Ad – Holiday Magazine – June 1954

Radio was important to the mid-century consumer. At the time, television was in its infancy, but radio was a mainstay for entertainment. This was especially true for music. Picture a small portable playing Elvis’ latest song while enjoying a day at the beach.

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