1959 – Aunt Jemima

Mid-century advertising from Aunt Jemima.

Girl with sticky fingers eating pancakes – Aunt Jemima Ad – Ladies Home Journal December 1959

Today is July 1 2022 and the first day of’s look at American companies. Each day in July, a different American brand that commonly advertised in mid-century women’s magazines and still exists today will be featured.

Aunt Jemima Sausage Meat Pancakes ad – Ladies Home Journal December 1959

First up– Aunt Jemima pancake mix. This brand advertised in household magazines such as Good Housekeeping and Ladies Home Journal. Most of the ads found in my collection were from an ad campaign that featured children. The one you see here was from the December 1959 edition of Ladies Home Journal showing an adorable child with sticky fingers eating a plate of pancakes.

The Lovinest moms make Aunt Jemimas – Good Housekeeping May 1963

This ad published 4 years later in the May 1963 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine continued the same cute kid theme.

Ad closeup showing box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix – December 1959

The logo didn’t change much throughout the mid-century. Here is a closeup of the 1959 ad. The one below is from 1952.

Aunt Jemima ad – Everywoman’s Magazine September 1952

The brand began in 1889 under the name of Pearl Milling Company. The name was changed to Aunt Jemima in 1914 and back to Pearl Milling Company a year ago in June 2021. The parent company is Quaker Oats / PepsiCo.

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