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1957 – Moms, Daughters, Dresses, and Paint

An unexpected ad from Benjamin Moore Paint

You might wonder what this sweet illustration of a mom and her 2 matching daughters has to do with paint. The answer lies in the 1950’s fad of mother-daughter dresses.

Now you can have paint colors on walls, trim and cabinets that match as easily and accurately as Mother and Daughter Dresses.

Good Housekeeping October 1957 – Benjamin Moore Paints Ad – Mother and Daughter Dresses

Mid-century magazines boosted this trend with articles, patterns, and ads. As someone who remembers special occasions where my mom made us all matching dresses, I have to say that it was a fun practice worthy of another mention.

More Mother-Daughters Dress Examples

1958 Moms and Daughters in White
Oatmeal ad with offer to purchase matching dresses
GE Washing Machine featuring matching apron and dresses
DIY Matching Cover-ups
Pfaff Sewing Machine Ad feature mother-daughter dresses
Libby’s Tomato Juice Ad showing matching mom and daughter
Fashion article showing mother daughter dress examples
Vintage mother-daughter dresses on midcenturypage.com

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