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1953 – Mom and Me Look Alike

Did they really wear white gloves to the grocery store in 1953?

Smiling mom and daughter with grocery bags – Libby’s Tomato Juice Ad – Woman’s Day October 1963

I do love this adorable mid-century ad showing a young girl exchanging a smile with her mother. They are dressed alike with matching hat, suit, and white gloves. Each is carrying a grocery bag filled with cans of Libby’s tomato juice. This ad for Libby’s comes from the October 1953 edition of Woman’s Day magazine.

Look to Libby’s for Perfection

I laughed at the thought of wearing a suit and white gloves to the grocery store. Then I remembered accompanying my almost-blind grandmother to the grocery store in the early 1960’s. I was a young girl tasked with helping her shop. We worked off a list and I would pull the applicable product off the shelf and hand it to her to examine close up. The 10 children that she had raised during the depression were all grown by then, but she still felt the need to be a savvy shopper. Everything had to be just right. This included her meticulous appearance. And yes, it meant wearing gloves and a stylish hat when she was in public. I have a vivid memory of observing her neat appearance one day as as the two of us rode the bus home after a trip to the grocery store. She wore a freshly-pressed black dress, perfectly-placed lipstick, and black gloves. As far as I was concerned, she was the most stylish women in town.

Page from the October 1953 Womans Day magazine showing ad for Libby’s Tomato Juice

The theme for the October issue was driving. Here’s a peek at the cover and Table of Contents for this 1953 Woman’s Day issue.

Woman’s Day October 1953 Cover and TOC

Here’s another canned food ad from this issue. Note the hats and gloves.

Green Giant Ad – Woman’s Day October 1953
Vintage mother-daughter images on

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