1954 – Mother Daughter Sundresses

Mommy and me matching dresses

Mommy and Me Matching Sundresses – Good Housekeeping June 1954

An important rite of passage for any mid-century girl was to wear a dress that matched mom’s. In our family, this event was generally on Easter. My mother would sew matching dresses for her, myself, and my sister. This was a yearly ritual that was fun for all. It was a treat for us to wear, and a treat for on-lookers observing a matching set of related females.

The charming picture of a mother and daughter wearing matching sundresses that you see was part of a fashion article in the June 1954 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine called Cool Cottons for You and Yours.

Mother and daughter wear pretty princess-style sundresses with ruffled camisole tops and full, gored skirts.

Mom and Daughter wearing matching dresses – Good Housekeeping June 1954

Here’s another mother-daughter sundress from the same article.

These dresses have fitted bodices with solid color piping and shoulder ties. Mother’s about $8. Daughter’s about $4.

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