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1953 – Mommy and Me at the Beach

Make these cool coverups with terry cloth and trim

How to make Swim Cover-ups’ and Beach Blanket from Terry Cloth – Good Housekeeping May 1954

This mid-century how-to article features an adorable little girl wearing sunglasses, gladiator sandals, and a kimono terry cloth cover up. Mom is next to her studying what appears to be a text book. The quick 2 page article gives brief instructions on how to make the cover ups and beach blanket. Both are made from Cannon Mills terry cloth. The styling is classic and relevant for today’s DIY’ers planning to go to the beach or pool.

You need no pattern, just sew the straight edges of terry cloth together and hem. Seams are accented with contrasting tape. Make one for yourself and a just-like-mother’s edition for your young daughter.

Want further instructions? The mid-century magazine asks you to just put a dime in an envelope and send it to NYC. I love seeing the old-style addresses. They are so simple. Not even a zip code.

Instructions for both mother and daughter judo jackets and the blanket are in GHN603. To order, send 10 cents to Good Housekeeping Bulletin Service 57th Street at 8th Avenue, New York 19, New York

The project reminds me of the “30 Minute Cardigan” project described in Threads magazine.

I find it interesting that the cover-up is referred to as a Judo Jacket instead of a Kimono.

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