1954 – Sleex Slacks

A mid-century puff and pair of slacks

Pull up a chair and have a smoke and let’s take a look at this ad for men’s fashion slacks from 1954. These are special slacks. No belt.

Beltless . . . You let it out, take it in, with a handy hip zipper.

The slacks sold for a whopping twenty bucks when this ad was published in the June 1954 edition of Holiday magazine. Today you can buy a similar pair for under one hundred.

Holiday was an upscale magazine filled with interesting ads and articles about travel.

Sleex Slack – Holiday June 1954

Here’s a look at the cover and links to some other posts from the June 1954 edition of Holiday.

Holiday Magazine June 1954 Cover with Model Mara Lang on Cover

More Posts from June 1965 Holiday Magazine

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