1951 – Illustrator Bob Hilbert

Mid-century work from home

Today’s Woman had a monthly feature called “Adventures in Editing” where they would give brief bios about a few of the contributors to the current month’s magazine. Here is the one from their June 1951 edition. The bio is about illustrator Robert Hilbert who illustrated the story called “Pattern of Deceit”.

Illustrator Bob Hilbert and panting terrier work on illustration – Today’s Woman June 1951

I like the picture of him sitting at his drawing table facing his fluffy terrier.

When he works at home, he has the interesting assistance of his two young sons and his Kerry blue terrier. He doesn’t often work at home!

Here’s his brief bio.

Here’s his illustration for the short story by Laura Hunter for the story titled “A Pattern of Deceit”.

Illustration by Bob Hilbert – A Pattern of Deceit by Laura Hunter – Today’s Woman June 1951

I found one other Bob Hilbert illustration in my collection. This one is from the December 1952 edition of Today’s Woman.

Cocktails at the Plaza by Winifred Halsted – Illustration by Bob Hilbert – Today’s Woman December 1952

More Illustrations from Bob Hilbert

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