1957 – Dior Corolle New Look Celebration

Dior comes to Chicago to party

If you were living in 1957 and reading Harper’s Bazaar, you were no doubt interested in fashion. And if you were a Harper’s Bazaar reader living in Chicago, you do doubt shopped at the upscale department store Marshall Fields. You may have even screamed with delight before you got out your calendar to mark the all important date of April 8, the day in which fashion designer Christian Dior would travel to Chicago for a special celebration.

Ten year earlier, in 1947, the world was still celebrating the end of the war and the soon-to-be-famous Christian Dior was launching his “New Look” Corolle collection. The new look was a departure from the boxy styles forced down the throats of Paris fashion designers by Nazi Germany. Now that the war was over, Dior had a vision of fashion that defined a women’s waistline. The New Look was quickly adopted as the look of the fifties.

Christian Dior Drawing at table with mid-century TV in background – Harper’s Bazaar April 1957

Marshall Fields and the Art Institute of Chicago sponsored Dior’s visit to Chicago to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his New Look.

This information was published in the April 1957 edition of Harpers Bazaar.

Dior’s Tenth Chicago Fetes at Fashion Milestone – Harper’s Bazaar April 1957

More on Dior

An excellent article that gives the history of Paris fashion during WWII and the up-and-coming Christian Dior during this time. It equates our current post-pandemic fashion with Dior’s post-war fashion.

A gallery of Dior’s New Look fashions

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