1964 – Maidenform Bras

Mid-century advertising from Maidenform.

Today we’ll look at the Maidenform foundations company and its mid-century advertising. Maidenform had a popular print ad campaign that was a frequent fixture in mid-century women’s magazines such as the September 1964 issue of Ladies Home Journal which published the ad shown below. The tagline?

I dreamed Paris was at my feet in my Maidenform Bra.

Maidenform Ad – I Dreamed Paris Was At My Feet – Ladies Home Journal September 1964

Or this one from the February 1962 edition of McCalls magazine.

I Dreamed I was All Decked Out in my Maidenform Bra

I dreamed I was all decked out in my Maidenform Bra – McCalls February 1962

Of course this one from 1951 proves that the “I Dreamed” ad campaign lasted over 10 years. The 1951 price advertised is a buck 75 ($1.75). A Maidenform bra will set you back around $20 today.

I dreamed I was Cinderella in my Maidenform Bra

I dreamed I was Cinderella in my Maidenform Bra.- Today’s Woman June 1951

Its no wonder that this famous ad campaign made it to the 21st century where it was part of the storyline of a Madman episode.

YouTube video referencing the MadMan “I Dreamed” Maidenform Episode and explaining the Maidenform History by Maurice Reznik, Maidenform’s prior CEO.

And then there was this ad which was published only a month after the “I dreamed Paris was at my feet” ad. Note that this one says nothing about dreaming. Every other Maidenform bra ad in my collection was part of the “I Dreamed” campaign. According to the information from the YouTube video, the “I Dreamed” campaign didn’t end until 1969. That makes this ad a fabulous rarity.

Keep Your Eye on Maidenform – Ladies Home Journal October 1964

In addition to bras, Maidenform also sold girdles. Here’s a Girdle ad from 1960 featuring a lacy dress designed by Arnold Scassi for a skinny model showing off her curves made possible by a Maidenform Fris-Kee girdle.

Maidenform Girdle Ad – Mademoiselle September 1960
Maidenform Bra Logo from 1962 Ad

The Maidenform bra company began in New Jersey exactly 100 years ago in 1922. The goal was to accentuate a women’s curves instead of flattening her breasts as was popular with 1920’s women’s fashions . The company was a pioneer in bra technology and invented many of the features that we enjoy today such as adjustable straps.

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