1951 – Maidenform April Showers

I dreamed I got caught in the rain

Maidenform Bra Ad – April 1951 – Today’s Woman Magazine

Bra ads were common in mid-century magazines. To stand out from the other bra ads, each manufacturer seemed to have a theme. Maidenform’s was always the same. “I Dreamed I _____[fill in the blank]___ in my Maidenform Bra”. This ad appeared in the April 1951 edition of Today’s Woman magazine with the tagline, “I dreamed I got caught in the rain in my Maidenform bra.

Nice weather for dreams . . . especially when it brings a shower of compliments on my figure!

No chasing rainbows for me . . . I’ve found the treasure already . . . my Maidenform Bra!

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