1953 – Max Factor

Mid-century advertising from Max Factor.

Time for an attagirl. Today is the 200th day in a row that I have posted on this blog. To celebrate, we’ll look at some glam girl pictures from mid-century Max Factor. Beauty ads are always fun to see and a few of my favorites come from Max Factor’s line of beauty products. First up is a an ad from 1953 for their Creme Puff compact. It sold for $1.25 in the fifties. They still sell it today for around $10.

Max Factor Creme Puff Ad – Glamour Magazine November 1953
Cream Puff Compact from 1953 Ad
Creme Puff Compact for Sale on Amazon – 2022

Here’s another ad for Creme Puff. This one’s from 1961. The look went from glam sweet to casual cool.

Max Factor Creme Puff Compact Ad – McCalls May 1961
Creme Puff Compacts from 1961 Ad – $1.35 to $5.50

Going way back to the early fifties, we see Hollywood glam with their line of Clear Red lipstick and movie star Elizabeth Taylor. The idea was to buy the perfect color of red based on your hair color.

Elizabeth Taylor for Max Factor Clear Red Lipstick – McCalls April 1951
Max Factor Clear Red Lipstick Logo – 1951

Max Factor offered free samples of their lipstick. Just fill out the form and tell them your hair color and send it in. The cost of a postage stamp was 3 cents in 1951.

Clear Red Lipstick free sample order form – McCalls April 1951

Now we move on to the sixties and their Pure Magic line of medicated makeup.

Max Factor Pure Magic Medicated Makeup – 1963

Find the girl with the problem skin. Hint: She’s wearing Max Factor’s new Pure Magic

I do love the look of this classic sixties bride and her two bridesmaids from the May 1963 edition of Good Housekeeping.

Max Factor Medicated Makeup Ad -Good Housekeeping May 1963

Here’s another ad for the same product showing another trio and another great classic sixties look. This one’s from Good Housekeeping October 1962.

Max Factor Medicated Makeup Ad – Good Housekeeping October 1962

The Max Factor brand began early in the 20th century when an immigrant from Poland established himself as a talented makeup artist in Hollywood. It was he, in fact, who made up the name “makeup”. He started by developing a line of products for movie stars, and ended with a top worldwide cosmetic line. The brand is currently owned by Coty.

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