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1952 – Kotex

Mid-century advertising from Kotex

These wholesome looking partygoers are brought to us by Kotex. The ad appeared in the September 1952 edition of McCalls magazine as part of Kotex’s “Are You In The Know?” campaign. The brand and its advertising would change significantly as the decade progressed. This posting shows Kotex’s various ad campaigns through 1964.

Of course, Kotex or a competing brand was a necessity for most readers of mid-century women’s magazines. If we assume that brand loyalty was a goal, what better way to establish trust than by giving the reader advice?

“Are you in the Know?” Kotex Ad – McCalls September 1952

The ad continued with additional “that time of the month” advice.

Be ready for your period – Kotex Ad – McCalls September 1952

This ad was also from 1952.

Woman in red – Kotex Ad – Ladies Home Journal July 1952

Note the admiring men checking out the ultra-feminine woman in this ad.

Admiring men form Kotex Ad – Ladies Home Journal July 1952

Later in the decade, this ad appeared in the January 1956 edition of Good Housekeeping. Here the focus is fashion and family. The ad even told the reader why the dress was flattering and where to buy it.

Here’s figure flattering. High Empire waist, deep pleated skirt. By Servin of Miami. About $15 at leading stores.

As was the case with other brands, things changed at the end of the century. The new look showed modern women independent from men. I have several Kotex ads from my collection from the late fifties and early sixties. Husbands, boyfriends, and admiring men were no longer portrayed. Instead, the vibe is independent, cool and confident.

Friends ice skating at Rockefeller Center – Cosmopolitan November 1959
Win a Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible – McCalls February 1962
“Proportioned what?” – Kotex Ad – Good Housekeeping May 1963

Note the changes in logo and packaging through the years.

Kotex box (super, regular, junior)- 1956
Kotex packaging – 1959
Kotex sizes – Good Housekeeping May 1963
Current Kotex packaging as found in the Google Search for Kotex

More Kotex Ads on

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