1959 – Ranch Reveal

What are these cool cowgirls advertising?

Mid-century women at a ranch – Woman’s Day March 1959

Any guesses what these mid-century women enjoying a day at the ranch are advertising? You might guess denim jeans, or allergy medicine. Nope. They are advertising Kotex feminine napkins. Yes. That biological reality for women no matter the decade or the plans for the day.

Woman at Ranch – Kotex ad – March 1959 Woman’s Day

The ad appeared in the March 1959 edition of Woman’s Day magazine. Looking through my collection of mid-century women’s magazines from 1946 to 1964, you can usually count on at least one Kotex ad. They seemed to have a different theme each year. In 1959, the theme was travel. Each ad showed a different scene featuring confident women traveling to different locations throughout the world. No doubt the women dressed in Western gear are enjoying their current travel destination: a dude ranch where they can experience the joys of a western lifestyle.

Here are a some scenes from other Kotex ads from 1959.

1959 Kotex ads – Scenes of mid-century women traveling

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