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1963 – The Youthful Look of the 1960’s

A new decade and new look is featured in these Kotex ads

Good Housekeeping April 1963 – Fresh Face from Kotex Ad campaign

The striking closeup you see is from a 1963 ad for Kotex that appeared in the April edition of Good Housekeeping. It was part of their “Proportioned? Why?” campaign.

Full 2 page ad – Kotex – Good Housekeeping April 1963

Looking back on posts from previous years, I see that I have posted other ads from this same campaign. They all featured a youthful, natural fresh face that was an exit from the glamour-filled fifties where hairstyles and makeup seemed to make everyone look older.

Here’s a Kotex ad from 1954.

Kotex ad – Good Housekeeping May 1954

Take a look below and see if you agree that the advertisers did a great job of showing the new, natural and fresh-faced look of the 1960’s. Each of these full-color close-up ads are post-worthy and of interest today due to the styling and colors. All were from 1963.

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