1959 – Kraft

Mid-century advertising from Kraft.

The subject of today’s post is Kraft. I added this company to my list of Great American Brands because I used their products it as a child, as a mother, and now as an empty nester.

As I write about each brand on my list, it is interesting to note the role of brand loyalty combined with advertising that keeps the brand going. The ad you see is for one of Kraft’s old margarine products. It appeared in the September 1959 edition of Woman’s Day magazine.

Kraft Miracle Margarine Ad – Woman’s Day September 1959

The catchy name of the product Miracle Margarine promised both economy and reduced calories. Margarine was a big deal in the mid-century. It was a product in every one’s refrigerator. I remember using sticks of margarine to make cookies as a teenager. For some reason, it was unheard of to have real butter in those days.

Product Packaging from 1959

Here’s another Kraft margarine ad for their Parkay Brand. This product was said to be perfect for spreading butter on bread. It is from 1952.

Smooth Spreading Parkway – Guaranteed Fresh

Kraft Parkay Margarine Ad – Everywoman’s November 1952
Parkay Margarine Box – 1952 Ad

Parkay had a more memorable ad campaign later in the century that had a talking tub of margarine that teased the user into thinking it was butter.

Parkay Margarine TV Commercial

Next on the list of Kraft products is Philadelphia cream cheese. Although infrequently, it is a product that I have used throughout my life when a recipe calls for cream cheese. The early ad appeared in the May 1946 edition of Ladies Home Companion.

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Ad – May 1946 Ladies Home Companion

Fresh Idea for Dessert – Just crackers and jelly and a generous portion of this rich, fresh-tasting cream cheese

Kraft Phili Cream Cheese Box – 1946 Ad

What kid doesn’t like Kraft Mac & Cheese? According to Kraft, they currently sell one million boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese daily.

Here are 2 Macaroni and Cheese ads.

Kraft Mac and Cheese Dinner Ad – McCalls July 1949
Kraft Mac and Cheese Ad – Ladies Home Journal September 1964

Kraft stuck with their classic tall rectangle box for their packaging. However, in June of this year, they announced a change to the box branding.

1964 Kraft Mac and Cheese Box
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese New Packaging 2022

Speaking of manufactured cheese, here’s a 1963 ad for Velveeta “Cheese Spread”.

Velveeta Cheese Sandwiches Ad – Good Housekeeping April 1963

Another American kid’s classic is a PBJ sandwich. This ad is from 1964.

Kraft Grape Jelly Ad – Ladies Home Journal September 1964
Kraft Jelly Jar – 1964 Ad

Until now, I didn’t realize that Kraft no longer sold their jam/jelly product in grocery stores. Of course, Amazon sells everything. Check out this super expensive Kraft Jelly on Amazon. What?

Kraft Jams on Amazon

On to salad dressings. here are 2 sixties ads for Kraft Salad dressings.

Kraft Roka Dressing Ad – Ladies Home Journal September 1964

This is one of my favorite over-the-top ads. Who doesn’t like a “head of lettuce”?

Kraft Salad Dressing Ad – McCalls February 1962

Like the other American Brands companies we’ve looked at this month, Kraft foods has a long history of mergers and acquisitions. Today, the multi-national food conglomerate company that still sells many of the products featured on this post is officially called Kraft Heinz company.

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