1952 – Coca Cola

Mid-century advertising from Coca Cola.

Smiling Woman with Coke Bottle – Good Housekeeping August 1952

So far this month we’ve looked at mid-century advertising for Aunt Jemima, Avon, Bell Telephone, Cannon Sheets, and Clorox. All of these brands are mainstays for American business and advertising. However, none compare to today’s iconic brand. Coca Cola.

Classic Coke Images from 1949 to 1954

Coca Cola marketing is fascinating to me. Their product is something that one does not need to live, but it is something that everyone can afford and enjoy. The product branding examples shown above are from Coca Cola ads from 1949 to 1954. Note that the round 1949 logo in the image above contains both Coca Cola and Coke. This is the only logo change that I can find in my mid-century collection of Coke ads. Their early mid-century ads contain illustrations showing mid-century daily life. Here are a few examples.

Mom shows boyfriend family scrapbook – Coca Cola Ad – Everywoman’s January 1954
Prom Party – Good Housekeeping February 1949
Outdoor BBQ – Coca Cola Ad – Woman’s Day July 1953
Teens and Turntable – Coca Cola Ad -Woman’s Day October 1953

Here are some later ads showing a more modern look with photographs.

Teens cool off on wet lawn – Coca Cola Ad – Good Housekeeping July 1959

Here they show the larger King-size bottle.

Ladies Home Journal October 1964

This 1964 ad shows branding that we recognize today.

More Coca Cola ads on

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