1952 – Cutex

Mid-century advertising from Cutex.

When I was researching companies for this month’s American Brands feature, I selected Cutex because of its fun and colorful mid-century ads. The image shown above is from a November 1952 ad from Today’s Woman magazine. The popular woman is wearing Cutex’s new color of nail polish and lipstick called “Red Hot ‘n Blue”.

Smiling woman surrounded by adoring men – Cutex Nail Polish and Lipstock Ad – Today”s Woman November 1952

Cutex began in 1911 by a chemist who invented a product that removed cuticles. During the mid-century, the brand sold manicure products in addition to lipstick. Cutex still sells nail care products. I think I have a bottle of Cutex nail polish remover somewhere in my bathroom drawer. The brand is currently owned by Revlon.

Never smears–never leaves a kissprint! Lips stay thrillingly soft. 59 cents.

Cutex Nail Polish and Lipstick from a Today’s Woman Ad May 1953

This half page ad from the February 1954 edition of Today’s Woman magazine convinces the reader to buy a .25 nail Cutex polish instead of the expensive .60 kind.

Cutex nail polish ad – February 1954 – Today’s Woman Magazine
Cutex Ad – May 1953 – Today’s Woman

Here’s another classic fifties ad from Cutex advertising their Pink ‘n Sassy and Pink n’ Sweet colors.

McCalls February 1962

The next decade brought a new look to the brand. Here’s one from 1962.


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