1964 – Bride & Home

A mid-century wedding with giant flowers

While flipping through the pages of my mid-century women’s magazines, I often wonder about the person who bought the magazine originally. Let’s assume that the bride-to-be who bought this 1964 summer edition of the Bride & Home magazine did so with curiosity and excitement. The cover shows a bride and groom with the look of perfection. Each possess a classic look and attractive charm that is pleasant to look at. The editors took it a step further and added unexpected gigantic flowers to the mix. It is perhaps a nod to the yet-to-be flower power movement that would define the sixties.

Bride & Home magazine – Summer 1964

This is definitely my favorite cover in my mid-century magazine collection.

Here’s a peek at the table of contents.

Bride & Home Summer 1964 Table of Contents

1 comment on “1964 – Bride & Home

  1. This could have been me buying this – I got married in 1969 and did buy several of these magazines.

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