1964 – How Are They Tonight?

A long distance ad that reminds us how good we have it.

This ad from Bell Telephone promoting their long distance service reminds us how good we have it. Communication is instant here is 2022. We have the ability to text, video chat, email, and make phone calls anywhere without a single thought.

As a grandmother, my favorite part of modern life is the ability to receive photos and videos of my adorable offspring instantly. Strike that. My favorite thing is the ability to FaceTime. Talking to Grandma and Grandpa on a small screen is the norm. For the few times when we call instead of video chat, hearing instead of seeing is odd to them.

Bell Telephone Ad – McCalls September 1964

The ad appeared in the September 1964 edition of McCalls magazine.

How are they tonight? Long Distance makes it easy to find out. A visit by phone is warm and reassuring anytime. Why not call now?

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