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1959 – Norman Rockwell for Crest

Look mom no cavities

Crest Toothpaste ad with Normal Rockwell illustration of child in rain gear – 1959

This ad for Crest toothpaste was the back cover for the April 1959 edition of Good Housekeeping. Hiring Normal Rockwell as your illustrator for an ad campaign would have been a big deal in the mid-century. Rockwell was a celebrity whose name was known by all. His work for Crest included a series of illustrations showing children holding a “No Cavities” card. Each ad had the same tagline.

Look, Mom — no cavities!

Crest Toothpaste Ad – Normal Rockwell illustration of Child in Raincoat – Good Housekeeping April 1959

Here is another Normal Rockwell Crest ad from my collection. This one is showing a Junior High Aged girl. She is also the proud recipient of the “No Cavities” card. It is from the October 1958 edition of Good Housekeeping.

Look Mom No Cavities – Crest Toothpaste – Jr High girl in Pigtails – October 1958 – Good Housekeeping

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Vintage Illustration on – Normal Rockwell for Crest Ad

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