1963 Fresh Face no Makeup

A smiling face appears to us fresh from the 1960's.

Good Housekeeping ad for Noxema from the November 1963 Edition

This 1963 ad for Noxema appeared in the November Good Housekeeping issue. Noxema was a popular face wash product purchased at the drug store vs a cosmetic counter. I remember using it as a teenager and loved it because it didn’t dry out my skin. I wasn’t aware that is was still made and sold until recently when I accompanied my mid-century mother to the drug store. She still used it and asked me to help her find it. Sure enough there it was on the bottom shelf at Walgreens. It was sold for under $4. What a bargain.

1963 Noxema Ad showing smiling woman washing face.

Smiling fresh face from 1963 for Noxema ad
Smiling fresh face from 1963 for Noxema ad

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