1957 – L’Aiglon Dress and Matching Cardigan

Say hello to a matching outfit for your January vacation

We continue our January 2023 sweater theme with this ad from L’Aiglon Apparel. Any image with an oversized trunk tied with a rope and littered with travel stickers gets a thumbs up from me. Add a Vespa and you have yourself a great image. The happy lady holding up a travel sticker is wearing a L’Aiglon Dress and matching stipped sweater.

Colors: beige, navy, yellow- each with white sweater, stripings to match. Sizes 10 to 18. $24.95.

L’Aiglon Apparel Ad – Dress and Matching Stripped Sweater – Vogue January 1957

The dress is made with a blend of rayon and polyester which made it washable and perfect for travel. In the mid-century, they didn’t use the generic name polyester. Rather, they used the trade name Dacron. The same is true for the sweater. Today we would say that the sweater was 100% polyester. The ad uses the word Orlon to describe the fiber used to knit the sweater. Both Dacron and Orlon were made by DuPont. DuPont advertised heavily in mid-century household magazines.

The ad appeared in the January 1957 edition of Vogue magazine along with dozens of other high-fashion looks meant for the jet-setter. Ads such as this always gave the reader a way to write to the manufacturer to learn where to buy the outfit.

At leading stores everywhere or write for store nearest you
Dept V, L’Aiglon Apparel, Inc
1350 Broadway, New York 18

Mail correspondence was the typical way to communicate with a business in the mid-century. I always find it interesting to look at addresses in the days before post office standards and zip codes.

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