1957 – Silk , Cashmere and Applique

A mid-century outfit for the uppity lady who lives down the street.

My search for sweaters from mid-century women’s magazines lead me to the pages of the January 1957 edition of Vogue magazine where I found this over-accessorized outfit complete with pearls, gloves, cigarette, and matching bag. The dress is silk and the sweater is cashmere. They called it a self-sweatered silk dress because the sweater contains an applique using silk from the dress.

Blue flowers blooming on a white silk surah dress, then transplanted (via applique) to its white cashmere sweater.

White cashmere sweater over silk dress – Vogue January 1957

The dress was designed by David Crystal and sold for about $90. The mock pearls were made by Richelieu. The complete outfit was available at Altman’s, Halle Bros and I Magnin. More mid-century sweaters from the January 1957 Vogue issue tomorrow.

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