1957 Jantzen Sweater Bra

A vintage sweater look is not complete without a mid-century bra

We’ve spent the last few days looking at mid-century sweaters from the September 1957 edition of Mademoiselle magazine. The magazine made it clear that the preferred look for fall 1957 and the upcoming winter season was the sweater. The look generally included a 3/4 sleeve, a collared neckline, and a fine rib soft knit. The sweater was worn with a pencil skirt and was styled with a bracelet or necklace (scroll to the bottom of the post for more sweater ads from this magazine).

Those of us living in 2023 could wear one of these sweaters, but it would not look mid-century vintage without the all important sweater bra. Here’s an ad that talks about the sweater and its partner, the sweater bra.

Jantzen “Natural-Ette”, completely rounded, completely sheathed in Helenca yarn nylon knit for a smooth seamless surface that gives you a naturally beautiful sweater bustline.

Jantzen Sweater Bra – Mademoiselle September 1957

Jantzen was a popular foundation and swimwear company in the mid-century. It was not a NYC company like most of its competitors. Rather, it was based in Portland, OR. Check out this post that details Janzen in the mid-century and its variety of ads.

Jantzen Logo – 1957

The September 1957 issue of Mademoiselle fashion magazine is a favorite of mine. It gives us living in the 21st century a fun look at the polished styles from the fifties.

Mademoiselle Cover – September 1957

Let’s take a look at some more 1957 sweaters from this magazine before we move on to 1957 sweaters from Vogue.

Helen Harper Sweater Ad – Mademoiselle September 1957
Bobbie Brooks Sweater Ad – Mademoiselle September 1957
Orlon Sweater Ad – Mademoiselle September 1957

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