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1952 – Jantzen

Mid-century advertising from Jantzen.

Today’s MidCenturyPage’s American Brands posting is for Jantzen. Jantzen’s current product line is only swimwear. However, in the mid-century, they also sold foundation garments such as bras and girdles. When it comes to mid-century advertising, Jantzen stand’s out as a favorite of mine.

Mademoiselle May 1952

Summer vacationing was the topic of the May 1952 edition of Mademoiselle magazine. It was filled with great swimwear ads such as this one for Jantzen promoting a strapless nylon shirred swimsuit for $18.95.

Dreamliner smooths and slims and curves in the proper places via figure-making, fast-drying, all-nylon taffeta.

Jantzen’s clever logo showing a silhouette of a woman diving is hard to see in this ad. Here’s a closer look.

Jantzen logo from a 1952 ad.
Vogue November 1959

Sunny vacations for the jetset was the focus of this 2 page ad from the November 1959 edition of Vogue magazine.

The new way to be seen at sundown, and it may get you the moon.

The swimmer who wore this belted “Silken Curly Knit” suit would have paid $29.95. A fashionable one-piece suit from Jantzen sells for around $99 in 2022.

Logo from 1959 Vogue Magazine Ad
Jantzen’s Current Logo

Jantzen’s line of swimwear began in 1910 in Portland Oregon. The company started as a wool knitting company, but changed to swimwear when they used their knitting machines to produce suits for a rowing team. Jantzen’s current website provides some great vintage advertisements as they tell their story.

Harper’s Bazaar April 1957

Jantzen Foundations Advertising

Here are a few other mid-century Jantzen advertisements. These are for their line of bras and girdles.

McCalls February 1949
Today’s Woman February 1954

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