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1959 – Sweeten with Sucaryl

The artificial sweetener pill

Yesterday’s post featured an ad for the artificial sweetener called Sucaryl. It showed a secretary using the non-calorie product to sweetener her coffee to stay slim. Today’s post is for the same product. However, here we see a folk art image of someone wishing to loose weight. She is dropping a pill into her coffee to sweeten it.

The ad appeared in the May 1959 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine in an era where the world seemed to revolve around a thin waist. Clothing choices for women with a different silhouette were limited. I’m sure that was quite frustrating for those carrying a few extra pounds.

Watching your weight? Sweeten with Sucaryl . . . it has no calories at all

Sucaryl Ad – Good Housekeeping May 1959

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