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1962 – Secretary Stays Slim

Have some chemicals with your coffee

The mid-century was a great time to be a chemist. New industries were built thanks to innovative discoveries coming from laboratories. We’ve looked at companies such as DuPont who transformed the fashion industry with its man made fibers. Food, too was being altered with new ingredients added for better flavor and shelf-life. Science was leaving a giant footprint in the mid-century but not all was good.

The secretary you see here is sweetening her coffee with something that came out of Abbott Laboratories called Sucaryl. The artificial sweetener is sold in either liquid or pill form. It was marketed as a tool for weight loss since it had zero calories. Unfortunately its active ingredient Cyclamate was banned in 1970 by the FDA because of links to cancer.

Sucaryl Ad – Good Housekeeping October 1962

Tastes better, not bitter. So easy to use in cooking and baking, too.

The ad appeared in the October 1962 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine.

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