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1959 – Pream H.C. Moores

Coffee with a side of history

Here’s one more post about mid-century coffee. So far this month we’ve seen kitschy close-ups of happy or inquisitive women from the 1950’s holding a cup of coffee. We’ve seen this one . . .

Chase and Sanborn Instant Coffee – Better Living August 1954

And this one . . .

Edwards coffee – Family Circle February 1952

And this one . . .

Pream cream substitute – Good Housekeeping July 1959

But men like coffee too. So here is a man looking inside his coffee cup. It comes from the April 1959 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. He is here to sell Pream powdered cream for coffee or recipes.

Pream coffee ad – Good Housekeeping April 1959

Pream was a product from H.C. Moores company out of Columbus Ohio. The company didn’t last past the mid-century. Their product which sold under the name of Pream is similar to the Coffee Mate product that is sold today. However, Pream was not a milk substitute. It was a milk product sold in powdered form.

Pream is the one that says fresh – never wasted money by spoiling.

Pream container from a September 1958 Better Homes & Gardens Ad

More Pream Ads

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