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1959 – Bill Cullen for Tender Leaf Tea

Come on down to take a sip of tea

Take a look at this smiling game show host holding a box of Tender Leaf tea. The image comes to us all the way from 1959. TV was still in its infancy during this time, and former radio stars were now TV personalities. One such person was Bill Cullen who made his way into TV stardom as the host of the popular mid-century game show “The Price is Right”. TV shows were associated with brands during the mid-century. One such brand was Tender Leaf tea.

Bill Cullen for Tender Leaf Tea – Woman’s Day July 1959

Price is Right is still on the air, but Tender Leaf tea is no longer available. The popular tea brand is currently owned by Folgers who is no longer selling the product. Here is a recent image of the brand.

Tender Leaf Tea Box from 2022 (product no longer available)

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